Friday, July 4, 2014

Maltese - Little Bit O' Puff - 5-1/2" tall - mohair

Almost twenty years ago a precious, sweet Maltese had to leave us - her time here on earth with us was over.  I cried and still cry thinking of her.  She was so tiny and so sweet, a really love bug.  She did have her protective side and was not afraid of anything.  Finally found a long pile mohair that I thought would work to make a replica of her.  This is the prototype - named after her - Little Bit O'Puff - the first three pictures are the small replica - made entirely of mohair - poly/pellet filled - glass eyes and jointed head.  She is a little handful. The last picture is of our real Puff. Thanks for visiting and sharing a lovely memory with me.  Have a great day.