Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Bear Who Came Alive....

Having enjoyed making bears for almost thirty years has been one of the greatest joys of my life.  Our family was blessed with three healthy, wonderful sons - having them travel to bear shows with me filled my heart with many wonderful memories.  One of those memories was when one of our sons, as a young boy, wrote this story for me.  Hope you enjoy reading it -

The Bear Who Came Alive - written in my son in his own words.......

Once in a small town in Virginia, there lived an enchanting bear maker.  She had a collection of bears even more enchanting.  She lived in an old house by a laboratory.

One day, the lab was working on a special chemical.  The chemical accidentally fell into the burner.  The burner quickly spread the chemicals' gasses everywhere into that small town.

The chemical was called LMC (Live Mixture - Caution).   The gases reached the enchanted bearmaker's house.  The gas got into the house.  Suddenly.......the bears began to move!  They began jumping around and having a party!

The bearmaker went to her bear shop to see what was going on, she saw the bears moving and screamed!  Then ran away!  The bears followed her to her room and explained what had happened with the LMC.

Suddently she exclaimed "we have not time to lose!".  She explained this could be dangerous if it got to the rest of the town.  they had build the biggest Shop Vac in the world.  All the bears teamed up with the bearmaker and sucked up the LMC Gasses.

The only problem was that everything that was touched by the gas would stay alived forever!  But, that made the bearmaker so happy!

The End

(So that is the fact as to why some bears do seem alive - it was never determined for sure what happened to the gasses....has your bear been touched by the Gasses? - - have a great day, MaryAnn)