Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hunt Valley Teddy Show and available pieces

The Hunt Valley Holiday Teddy Bear Show is over for another year.  My first show in two years - what a joy - my creative energy has been lifted beyond words.  A big thank you to Janet Wilson (for her encouragment and help) and to her wonderful family and the show promoters - Mark and Susan Mckay and Wendy Collins - for all your help - could not have participated without you - truly appreciated.  I want to thank all the folks who adopted my pieces and to  those who shared some of your time with me - also would like to  send prayers for all the folks who could not come to the show because of health issues and East Coast Storm related problems.   There are two available pieces that did not find homes at the show.  One is a maltese pup and the other is a Wee Witter in light rusty gold mohair.  will post pictures and descriptions on my sale blog later today.  Thanks for visiting.......wishing you all the best!!!