Friday, January 7, 2011

Post l of 4 with pictures of My Friends and Me 25th Anniversary Celebration

Left to right - Milton Balser, MaryAnn Wills, Gregory Gyllenship, Maria Balser, Marcia Sibol and Gunter Dufeu

**Bear Shows seem to me to bring out the best in folks - happiness, joy, smiles, hugs and even some tears of joy were all abundant at My Friends and Me 25th Anniversary Teddy Bear Show held in early December 2010. Maria and Milton Balser celebrated 25 years of operating their shop in Leesburg, Virginia with a special Holiday teddy bear show - participating artists were:
Gregory Gyllenship of England; Marcia Sibol of Maryland, USA; Gunter Dufeu of Germany and MaryAnn Wills of Virginia, USA.

**This lovely teddy event was fabulous for all who participated - many wonderful collectors and friends visited - Sue, Nancy, and Alice were the event assistants (thanks for taking all these pictures that I am able to share here) *** Maria and Milton Balser owners of My Friends of Me and organizers of this show, thank you for including me. Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great day!