Friday, January 28, 2011

Creatively Inspiring first snowfall of 2011

Two days ago we had our first significant snowfall for 2011 - we wound up with a foot of very heavy snow. The tree limbs all seemed to be topped with soft vanilla custard ice cream. Many branches toppled down from the weight reaching the ground and some even broke off completely. So quiet, so still, so beautiful. We lost power - the perfect time to get out my teddy magazines and cuddle up under some quilts and reminisce. The power is back on - chores all caught up - feeling refreshed and grateful for all the friends and experiences that have blessed my life for so many years. Now off to work on some bears - a Valentine Teddy is waiting to be completed - please don't forget to sign up for my Spirit Lifter 2011 Blog Drawing - (please see following post for details if you are interested) - hope you have a wonderful day - pictures are of a cardinal in flight and looking down the hill from our side porch.