Friday, January 28, 2011

Creatively Inspiring first snowfall of 2011

Two days ago we had our first significant snowfall for 2011 - we wound up with a foot of very heavy snow. The tree limbs all seemed to be topped with soft vanilla custard ice cream. Many branches toppled down from the weight reaching the ground and some even broke off completely. So quiet, so still, so beautiful. We lost power - the perfect time to get out my teddy magazines and cuddle up under some quilts and reminisce. The power is back on - chores all caught up - feeling refreshed and grateful for all the friends and experiences that have blessed my life for so many years. Now off to work on some bears - a Valentine Teddy is waiting to be completed - please don't forget to sign up for my Spirit Lifter 2011 Blog Drawing - (please see following post for details if you are interested) - hope you have a wonderful day - pictures are of a cardinal in flight and looking down the hill from our side porch.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pictures of Blog Drawing Bear - Spirit Lifter 2011

My first completed bear of 2011 is offered as a blog random drawing - join my mailing list to be entered to win - receive one additional entry for each comment left here -

The Spirit Lifter - 2011
The purpose of this bear is a reminder to keep one's spirit up - never say never............
He is a collectible artist bear and not intended for children - is made of dyed alpaca with extra shading - completely hand stitched - fully jointed - extra double joint in neck - suede paws and glass eyes - filled with poly/ pellets -standing on hind legs is about 10-1/4 inches tall - standing on all fours is about 6" floor to back.
Wears a simple ribbon removable ruff and bell. Has a sewn in tag and comes with a certificate.
Free Shipping - Drawing will be February 14th, Valentine's Day. I welcome your questions or comments - thank you for taking the time to visit - have a great day!..............

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A few more pictures of the bear show. Post 4 of 4

Being involved in the bear world is one of the greatest joys of my life - whether I am at a bear show/bear event or just talking bears or visiting your pictures on the web, it brings out such joy and happiness in me. All seems right even for just a little while. I have much to be thankful for.

The bear world is a big circle - keeps on coming back. Have a great day! (teddy bear collectors/friends with their new bears at My Friends and Me 25th Anniversary Celebration - (Diane, Sue and Tony with their new bears).

More Pictures of the Teddy Bear Show - Post 3 of 4

Suzi and Tina (teddy bear collector friends with their new bears - Tina and me sitting on the sofa at My Friends and Me 25th Anniversary Celebration ( a comfortable place to sit and chat and catch up).

Friday, January 7, 2011

Another Picture of My Friends and Me Teddy Show - Post 2 of 4

This is photo No. 2 of My Friends and Me 25th Anniversary Show - I really like this photo. Maria Balser is sitting at her desk at her shop with Gunter Dufeu, Marcia Sibol, Gregory Gyllenship and me standing behind her as she was opening an anniversary surprise gift. She does look surprised, doesn't she?

Post l of 4 with pictures of My Friends and Me 25th Anniversary Celebration

Left to right - Milton Balser, MaryAnn Wills, Gregory Gyllenship, Maria Balser, Marcia Sibol and Gunter Dufeu

**Bear Shows seem to me to bring out the best in folks - happiness, joy, smiles, hugs and even some tears of joy were all abundant at My Friends and Me 25th Anniversary Teddy Bear Show held in early December 2010. Maria and Milton Balser celebrated 25 years of operating their shop in Leesburg, Virginia with a special Holiday teddy bear show - participating artists were:
Gregory Gyllenship of England; Marcia Sibol of Maryland, USA; Gunter Dufeu of Germany and MaryAnn Wills of Virginia, USA.

**This lovely teddy event was fabulous for all who participated - many wonderful collectors and friends visited - Sue, Nancy, and Alice were the event assistants (thanks for taking all these pictures that I am able to share here) *** Maria and Milton Balser owners of My Friends of Me and organizers of this show, thank you for including me. Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great day!

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 - Where does the time go?

The start of a new year - 2011! Many new adventures await us all - hope your New Year is filled with the best of everything!................Have been focusing on an effort to eliminate the time wasters in my life and to instead use my time more efficiently. First on my list is to spend less time on the computer and more time on working on new designs and ideas. Will have some new pieces available for adoption in the next few weeks. Wishing you all a creative and happy day!