Monday, December 6, 2010

******Riley - a very special Wheaten******

*************several months ago I worked up a pattern of Riley and this is the 7" mohair replica dog that resulted - I can remember measuring Riley - turning him this way and that way - he was so patient and just followed me with his great big loving brown eyes - this small mohair dog has the Wheatie haircut, we enjoyed keeping our guy with as much fur as possible - we liked him shaggy, except in the summer hot months.
Riley Wills at 12 years of age.

A silly little puppy that did the goofiest things arrived at our home 12 years ago. He came to live with us when our youngest son was recovering from a serious automobile accident. Riley inspired and encouraged our son's recovery - Riley was worth his weight in gold. Even though Riley had the typical wheaten trait of being strong willed, he was a wonderful buddy for our whole family - he made a big loving difference in our lives. Sadly, I held him for the last time this morning when I had to say good-bye, but I will always love him and he will forever be in our hearts -