Saturday, September 11, 2010

Teddy Bear Dream - Dreamer

The keeper of special thoughts, dreams and
treasures. When I was a young child,
many of my friends had stuffed dolls that
had the hoop style open bottom for storing things.
I had always dreamed of having one. Time passed
and it was not to be. This idea was on my mind
for many, many years. I thought of designing my
own with (what else!) a bear on the top. I
enlisted the creative skills of my son, Eric, to weld
together a sturdy frame that I could work with.
He did a super job and Dreamer came to be more
than just another dream for me. She is completely
finished inside and open in the back with
a journal stored inside for writing special dreams
or ideas and room for more. She is fashioned of mohair
with a mohair bottom outside and felt inside - covered sturdy
frame for support. Her head and arms are jointed - she is a one
of a kind piece - made without the use of a paper pattern,
but from my thoughts and dreams - she will be traveling
with me to the Chantilly Teddy Bear Show tomorrow -
...........hope to see you there - have a great day - MaryAnn