Monday, September 13, 2010

Chantilly Teddy Bear Show - my studio - memories

Monday after the show, it seems so quiet - yet I am so energized and feel refreshed. Am ready to start working on a new project - but have to take a few days to straighten up my studio after the whirlwind of putting together pieces for the show .- I can barely walk from one end to the other. Bits of ribbon - pieces of mohair - opened battery package -empty cup - boxes - stuff, and so much more scattered about - but, it is the way it should be after a show - it is my studio - my quiet place to think - a place to create from the heart, reflect on the show experience and remember.

The Chantilly Show was the first show at this location in Virginia - Handmade Treasures (Janet and Alex Wilson) and - Mark and Susan McKay co-producers of the show did a splendid professional job of organizing, advertising and being available throughout the show and much more. No show is ever perfect in every way, the positives certainly outweigh the negatives for my experience. Made sure to sign up for next year's show before the end of the day.

Because our home is not too far away, my husband, Ray was able to come to the show and be my helper - a definite plus as he is my very best friend. We basically grew up together and will celebrate our 44th year of marriage in a few weeks.

I am very thankful that most of my bears found new homes and I shared so many hugs and smiles with old friends and new friends. I am truly blessed to be involved in the bear off to the "chores" awaiting. Have a great day - MaryAnn