Monday, August 30, 2010

Teddy Bear Face Tree Sculpture - 3

....................The photos here show the piece after color has been added - black, gray, moss-green, medium brown and off-white. I let the piece dry before adding each shade unless I want the colors to blend together.......more painting to be done later today.......... TEDDY BEAR REVIEW Magazine, February 2006 issue had an article about some of my earlier pieces - Pages 20-22 - entitled "Creative Climbing" - I have always been inspired by the natural beauty of the trees - no two are alike and each has unique details and shading as if they have their own special story to tell. The faces I envision in trees represent different positive emotions and feelings and are a reminder that all things are possible.

Teddy Bear face tree sculpture - 2

..................................The next step is to mix the plaster - then apply to form in gobs - thicker areas first - forming the face. When it is all applied - the details can be formed - lines - hollow areas, etc. These pictures show the tree and face beginning to take shape. This will dry completely before painting.

Tree Sculpt with Bear Face

...........................................In cleaning out my studio, I came across an unused shelf and immediately thought of using it for a bear display. For years, I have made tree sculptures for bear displays including the face of a bear somewhere in the tree trunk. When I looked at the shelf, I saw a tree growing up the front with bears climbing around it. When my fingers need a rest from sewing, working on other projects keeps the creative juices flowing. I have taken a series of pictures of the project along the way - the first picture shows the shelf with the front dowels removed - leaving one dowel to start the base of the tree. Following a basic sketch, the base is formed with wire and aluminum foil. Making it solid and sturdy along the way. The second picture shows the next layer of foil.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Alpaca Bear - Little Pudge

A white alpaca chubby little bear - Has been adopted - thanks for looking and have a great day!